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Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

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​Baptized "UAE's first sustainable autonomous house", this new office building in Dubai, was built in 2016 as a pioneering “pilot project” for MBRSC, a governmental research body. It is the first one to obtain the certification by the Passive House Institute in extreme climatic conditions in the Arabic Area. Apart of extreme insulating performances and high energy efficient MEP systems, a 40 kWp photovoltaic field and a 25 kWh electric storage system are able to feed all the building's needs. Intensive monitoring is in place to investigate real behaviour.
The design choice to use a prefab European timber platform frame technology made it possible to build it in less than 100 days. Three different cooling systems have been installed for research purposes: supply air cooling or dehumidifying, recirculated air cooling and floor cooling (avoided in UAE, as current technology is unable to deal with condensation phenomena), with the possibility to couple them to get the best results in terms of efficiency and comfort (...)

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