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Inauguration of Efficiency House Plus settlement near Augsburg

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On 14 July 2017 a settlement of plus energy houses was inaugurated with a ceremonial key hand over to the building owners. All 13 houses (nine single-family houses and four double house halves) fulfil the efficiency house plus standard defined by the German Building Ministry. As such they generate more final and primary energy from renewable energy sources than they consume if balanced over a year. This includes also the household electricity use. The developer asset bauen wohnen and the builders merchant BayWa have joined forces and developed a very efficient and cost-saving energy concept for the houses. It consists of the energy generation by photovoltaics mounted on the south-oriented part of the roof, an electrical storage (battery) in combination with a thermal storage, an electrical heat pump and a hydronic panel heating integrated in the ceiling. During the summer, the hydronic panel in the ceiling can also be used for cooling the building, leading to agreeable indoor temperatures even on hot days. Low U-values for the building envelope in massive construction (brick walls) and a ventilation system with heat recovery complete the house concept.