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EuroACE and eceee applaud European Parliament’s committee vote on buildings efficiency

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European NGOs and efficiency stakeholders applaud the 11 October 2017 vote of the Industry, Transport and Research (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament in favour of stronger European building regulations. The final report adopted significantly improves the Commission’s proposal and counterbalances the weak General Approach of the Energy Council, according to the NGOs.



The final report by the Rapporteur Bendt Bendtsen on the Energy Peformance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) proposes among other things the definition of national long-term renovation strategies and the promotion of Smart Buildings. The vore in favour of stronger regulations was overwhelming with 51 votes in favour, 1 against, and 11 abstentions.


Other positive elements are the creation of national structured stakeholder platforms, a boost for skills in the construction sector, more information and guidance for consumers (notably through Building Renovation Passports), and better access to financing. The report also gives a strong 2050 vision for the buildings sector to become highly energy efficient, nearly-zero energy and maximise renewable energy supply (nZEB concept). This safeguards the Energy Efficiency First principle, while respecting subsidiarity.


Nils Borg, Executive Director of the European Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (eceee) said: “While we have not had time to study all the details, the strong support for an increased ambition is encouraging. But we still have a long way to go until the Directive is adopted and much can happen on the way.”


EuroACE also warmly welcomed the adoption of the Bendtsen Report on the EPBD with a plain “Good news!”.  According to EuroACE, the Parliament now takes a strong stance on building renovation and energy efficiency, ahead of talks with the Council.



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