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START2ACT energy efficiency competition for SMEs and startups

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Now that the summer holidays are over and we’re all back at work, it’s a great opportunity to integrate new energy efficient habits into our daily routines. Nearly every type of business relies on some sort of equipment to help it run effectively, and every company could use this equipment more efficiently. Each and every person can contribute to saving energy and money on office equipment, by introducing small changes to how they use equipment at work.


Take part in the START2ACT autumn challenge for a chance to win an Amazon Fire tablet.

Every participating company will receive a START2ACT energy saving starter pack.Terms and conditions apply.


How to take part?


STEP 1: Take a photo or film a video clip of how your company reduces equipment energy consumption


STEP 2: Take a photo or a video showing how your company reduces equipment energy consumption


STEP 3: Take a photo or film a video clip of how your company reduces equipment energy consumption. Write a description of the action(s) - just a sentence or a short paragraph


Send step 1 and step 2 to @START2ACT using #S2Achallenge on Twitter, facebook or email it to*.


The competition is open now and will close on Thursday 30th November 2017



What can my company do to save energy from IT and office equipment?


Come up with your own ideas to save energy from equipment in your office, or use the suggestions below as inspiration. Complete as many actions as possible and describe how you have implemented them to increase your chances of winning.

Activate power saving features on your IT equipment: reduce your ‘phantom’ power use by checking the devices in your office and activating the energy saving features. You can also implement a central switch-off schedule, which powers down all PCs on the network at the end of the day to ensure that none are left on by mistake.

Get your staff involved: in a typical office staff take individual responsibility for switching off personal IT equipment such as PCs, printers and chargers. Start a switch-off campaign to encourage staff to get involved with energy saving, and offer small incentives for staff members that participate.

Save in the kitchen: office kitchens offer a whole range of energy saving opportunities. Install a seven day timer on the coffee machine, keep the fridge between 3˚C and 5˚C and only run the dishwater when it’s full. Simply boiling the kettle with just the right amount of water for the hot drinks you are making saves on average 20% of energy in itself.

Save energy on specialist equipment: if you use specialist equipment to manufacture products or run your services, we want to see what steps you’ve made to reduce energy use. Manufacturing equipment can be especially energy intensive, so is a great opportunity to see immediate savings.

Use these initial tips to get inspired and come up with your own ideas of how to save energy. You can visit the START2ACT Knowledge Base to read more tips on how to save energy at work and at home.

Assessment and awards

Entries will be evaluated based on three criteria:

  • Involvement (number of actions that you completed within the timeframe)
  • Commitment (how much commitment the actions required, including involving staff members and complexity of the actions)
  • Creativity (whether new energy saving ideas were used that weren’t included on the list above)

The winner will be announced on Monday, 11th December 2017. All participants will be sent their START2ACT energy saving starter pack within four weeks of providing their postal address.

*Email submissions may be shared on the START2ACT website and on social media. If you do not want your submission to be shared, please state this within your email.