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Les Nouveaux Défis du Solaire en Île-de-France

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ARENE Ile-de-France is organizing a conference on solar energy in Île-de-France on Tuesday 19 December, 2017 in the morning.

The conference will start at 9 am and will take place in Halle Pajol, in Paris (France).

The aim of the meeting is to present and discuss the development of this sector in the Ile-de-France region. The event is focused to elected officials, community agents and solar industry actors and will be an opportunity to represent this sector, to discuss the technical and regulatory novelties and to focus on the Paris region’s experience. 


The programme:

Different business models with new technical and economic opportunities and related legal arrangements.

Recent regulatory changes concerning solar electricity (individual and collective self-consumption, local flexibility service, CRE tenders, etc.).

Opportunities for using solar thermal energy for existing buildings and on existing heating networks in the Paris region.

The innovations of the sector.


The programme (in French) is available here.

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