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CERtuS SE²T: Simplified Economic Evaluation Tool

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The Simplified Economic Evaluation Tool (CERtuS SE²T) has been developed under the CERtuS Project. It is a user-friendly and informative tool on financing issues, addressed principally to Municipalities but also to building owners that wish to implement a deep energy renovation on their buildings, in order for the latter to become nZEB. The CERtuS SE²T tool is used in the initial stages of a building retrofit project in order to evaluate the project's financial sustainability. In addition, CERtuS SE²T provides useful and reliable information on potential financing schemes, the expected payback period of the project and the economic savings. Thus, the tool facilitates the discussion between the building owners and the investors.


CERtuS SE²T requires significant information as inputs, such as the intervention costs, the maintenance expenses, the expected financial performance and loans' interest rates. Even so, a detailed study will be always needed in order to proceed in financing since it has some limitations. For example, the tool doesn't take into account the exact time that the VAT is debited or/and credited, or the actual costs and expenses of a specific ESCO.


In conclusion, CERtuS SE²T fills the gap of information that many building owners may have, concerning the first information about the project sustainability and its potential interest in the market.


To download the tool, please click on the link provided below.

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