DYNASTEE newsletter 2018/10

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Pasillo Central Campus Desde Azotea, Venue of Dynastee Summer School 2018

This issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter provides information on on dynamic methods for energy performance analysis. There are 2 main articles with guidelines for data analysis, from both physical and statistical points of view. Further to that, a practical experience of using grey-box models is reported in a summary paper.


Specific contents of this edition include:


  • Foreword
  • Announcement of the Summer School 2018
  • IEA-­EBC Annex 58: Guidelines for data analysis from dynamic experimental campaigns; physical aspects
  • IEA-­EBC Annex 58: Statistical guidelines for building energy data
  • Estimation of thermophysical properties from in­situ measurements in all seasons: quantifying and reducing errors using dynamic grey­box methods
  • About DYNASTEE

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