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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


These month of September our topic is 'Digitalisation of the Building and Construction sector'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?

  • BIM
  • Regulation Framework
  • ICT Practices and Tools
  • BEM
  • Automation and Standardization
  • Materials - Technologies and Case Studies
  • IoT
  • 3D printing / Fab Labs / Drones
  • Smart Cities technologies


Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


theodore.jpgFinancing energy efficiency in buildings. The EC estimates that about 35% of the EU's buildings are over 50 years old, and almost 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient. This means that buildings are a key target to reduce primary energy use, GHG emissions and to generate renewable energy rather than consuming fossil fuels.




WDBE 2019 – World Summit On Digital Built Environment. WDBE is not a passive conference. It’s an active 2-day journey to discover what the current and future challenges of city development are and how to come up with the best solutions with a 360 approach: citizens, private companies, public entities, ecology, mobility etc. 


FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2019 Mexico. Mexico City will proudly host next year’s FIDIC International Infrastructure conference from 8-10 September 2019. Continuing the future-gazing approach of Berlin 2018, in Mexico City we will turn our attention to how technology is revolutionising the way companies and the industry conducts its business.


4th STUNNING Webinar - Promoting energy-efficient building renovation. STUNNING has the goal to promote successful and innovative building renovation packages and business models around a free, digital and collaborative knowledge sharing platform: the STUNNING Renovation Hub, and for this is organizing this webinar, the second in collaboration with the BUILD UP platform.




The Templater tool. The Templater tool is been conceived by BRE in order to facilitate the implementation of BIM data standards across the asset lifecycle. This is achieved by providing a free to list opportunity for manufacturers and a free to access for Designers, Constructors, Owners, Operators and Maintainers.



Webinar on ExcEED project Database: from data to information to knowledge. The scope of ExcEED is to create a European database for measured and qualitative data on beyond the state-of-the-art buildings and districts. The project answers the need for transparency and comparability of energy performance calculations.





theodore.jpgSustainable finance: New EIT Climate-KIC supported report proposes basis for a future EU taxonomy in legislation. The European Commission has welcomed the publication of the three new important reports by the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on sustainable finance, including key recommendations on the types of economic activities that can make a real contribution 


theodore.jpg Building renovations: social aid to accept the change. When energy-saving measures are planned in social housing buildings, the environmental aim is combined with the scope of reducing inequality. In Zaragoza, Spain, a team of social workers is helping the tenants of a multi-family building to accept a challenging refurbishment



PRÉSENTATION DE LA STRATÉGIE RÉNOVATION AUX HORIZONS 2030-2050 À BRUXELLES. Alors que le secteur résidentiel et les bureaux représentent 74% de la consommation énergétique de la Région bruxelloise ; alors que 85% des 573.276 logements bruxellois ont été construits avant les années 60 ; alors que 30% des bâtiments ne sont pas isolés du tout à Bruxelles





Interim Report July 2019 of the 2nd technical support study on the Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings. A greater uptake of smart technologies is expected to lead to significant, cost-effective energy savings, while also helping to improve indoor comfort in a manner that enables the building to adjust to the needs of the user.



Manual of mechanisms and business models for energy efficiency. This manual was conducted by BASE (Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), as part of the project “Pilot Asia-Pacific Climate Technology Network and Finance Centre” (CTNFC).CTNFC is an initiative of UN Environment and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


resalta.jpgTaxonomy technical report. This document sets out the results of the work to date undertaken by the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on Sustainable Finance in relation to the development of an EU classification system for environmentally sustainable economic activities (hereafter ‘Taxonomy’). 






Bexel Consulting Applied Integrated BIM Approach for Large Hotel and Resort Project. Bexel Consulting is a high-tech, construction and engineering consultancy company. They designed, built, and constructed the Sensatori and Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts. This beachfront resort, placed on the east coast of Dominican Republic, features 460 suites.


theodore.jpgWorld's tallest Passive House: high-rise Bolueta (Bilbao-Spain). The developers and architects of this project have set very high goals. With the Bolueta building, they wanted to set a new Passive House record and at the same time ensure the quality of the building through certification. Bolueta is now the tallest Passive House building in the world.





OPEN DEI Project. The OPEN DEI proposal aims at leveraging synergies, identifying gaps, sharing best practices, reinforcing regional/national relationships as well as putting in place the necessary joint measures to implement common dissemination, communication, training and exploitation action plans among the Innovation Actions implementing the EU DT strategy.



ARtwin Project. To overcome these limitations IT leaders (Google/Apple/Microsoft) investigate ARCloud technology in building a 3D map of the environment in the cloud which can be updated and shared by any AR device, allowing collaborative AR experiences and a more robust and accurate 3D registration.




BIMERR Project. BIMERR will design and develop a Renovation 4.0 toolkit which will comprise tools to support renovation stakeholders throughout the renovation process of existing buildings, from project conception to delivery.




BIM4EEB Project. It aims to foster the renovation industry by developing an attractive and powerful BIM-based toolset able to support designers in the design and planning phase, construction companies to efficiently carry out the work and service companies to provide attractive solutions for building retrofitting.




Get ready for October 's Topic of the Month " Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings " and prepare your next publications.


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