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Making British energy grids smarter

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Smart energy management systems wanted for a large housing provider in the UK; exploring solutions for future energy markets.  


A large affordable housing provider in the UK is looking to become an energy service provider through partnerships, joint ventures, or other organisational models. The aim is a return on investment, and not only for the tenant. 
Bax & Company is facilitating the competition within the framework of the DREEAM project. ​The winning solutions will use innovative technologies and processes to deliver a functional cost-effective pilot smart energy system. Successful candidates will receive €10 000 to perform a feasibility study, with the potential to then develop and launch a pilot on site.  

The system could potentially work inside the estate to manage and control​

  • The generation of renewable energy 
  • Its storage and use 
  • The trade of excess energy inside and outside the estate 

In the first phase, we are looking for up to five innovative companies or collaborations of companies to develop design solutions. In the second phase, we are looking to set up the first onsite smart grid pilot, consisting of up to 100 recently renovated dwellings with preexisting solar panels. The microgrid could be operational by the end of the first quarter of 2019.


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