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Pilot Training and Educational Courses on Deep Energy Retrofit Starting Under the Fit-to-NZEB Project

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Unfortunately, it is true - not all renovation works are of the quality we hope and pray for, and there’s a good reason for that – in general, professionals rarely have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to deliver a quality renovation project: one that not only saves energy, but increases your comfort, ensures good air quality, benefits your health and productivity, and in the end - makes you happy and satisfied, being confident your money’s well spent.


This is what the Horizon 2020 project is all about: improving the knowledge and skills of business professionals to deliver quality renovations, reaching the most ambitious energy standards. After the development of the training programmes and materials for all relevant qualification levels (see our article “Deep Retrofit Training Programmes by Fit-to-NZEB”), the project now moves to its piloting phase. After the intensive train-the-trainer activities and numerous lessons learned from the nZEB-retrofit practice in Ireland, the activities are already running in the focus countries, scheduled to continue under the project until July 2019 – and much beyond on their own, becoming an integral part of the national vocational training and educational systems.


So what is the situation on the ground:

-In Bulgaria, the pilot course for EQF 6-7 is running in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. Upskilling courses are part of the training offer of the Bulgarian Building Knowledge Hub, which is also planning introduction of validation schemes;

-In Croatia, the pilot course for EQF 6-7 is running in the Construction Engineering Faculty of the University of Zagreb;

-In the Czech Republic, pilot course for EQF 6-7 is scheduled for the summer semester in the training plan of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Project partner SEVEn is negotiating agreements for use of the programmes in professional high schools, and upskilling courses are part of the training offer of the Czech Building Knowledge Hub;

-In Greece, HPHI will deliver at least two courses for EQF levels 3-4 in the coming months. The ambitious upcoming event Passiexpo will also promote opportunities for involving other education providers, including at university level;

-In Ireland, the training courses for EQF 3-4 have already started, including on-site training with spectacular results. Additionally, agreement for introduction of Fit-to-NZEB training is concluded with Waterford Wexford Education and Training Board at EQF 3-5.

-In Italy, the training and educational courses at EQF levels 3-5 have started with undoubted success by project partner ZEPHIR in collaboration with ITS institute in Varese. Upskilling courses for EQF 3-4 are also scheduled.

-In Romania, Fit-to-NZEB courses are integrated in the training plan for two professions in the Socolescu Technical College for Architecture and Public Works. Negotiations with different universities are conducted by project partner Pro-NZEB, and upskilling courses are part of the training offer of the Romanian Building Knowledge Hub.


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