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Deep renovation of “El Garrofer” school in Viladecans to meet EnerPHit / Passivhaus standard

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The project of deep renovation of “El Garrofer” school allowed the upgrading of the building so as to meet the Pasivhaus standard and have a nearly zero energy building (nZEB).

Energy use will be cut in more than a half from the situation before renovation and the previously missing thermal comfort for children and teachers is now provided.


This project was contracted by Viladecans municipality based on the results of a previous study of the capacity of Deep renovation of three schools contracted previously by Area Metropolitana de Barcelona.


This building was built in 1974 according to a prototype project that was replicated at that time in cases of urgency to open new centres. This means that the project was not adapted to the site and does not consider the urban situation, the orientation, etc.…


The users of the building have a lack of comfort in winter and in summer and require solar and daylight control systems.


The project includes the following interventions:

  • Replacement of window frames and glasses
  • Thermal isolation on the outdoor side of the façades and roof
  • Introduction of airtightness layer in the façade
  • Controlled ventilation system
  • Improvement of lighting performance
  • Incorporation of solar control louvers

Authors: Berta Pujol i Micheel Wassouf
Client: AMB. Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Budget: 940.000 € (PEM)

Author(s) information


Berta Pujol i Micheel Wassouf

Lessons learnt

Step by step renovation of a public building/ school Phases 1 new low energy windows + mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (40% of the investment) 2 wall (external-)insulation + solar protections 3 new roof insulation and lighting retrofit (2019)

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Start date - End date

da Lunedì, 1 Giugno, 2015 a Domenica, 1 Settembre, 2019

Operational date

Sabato, 1 Settembre, 2018


Info in Ctalan too

Relevant tools

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP 8) + designPH Tool

Source of funding

Economic effect

Very low investment : ratio of 265€/m² before taxes More than 50% of energy savings (on final phase) from preexisting situation.