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Energy Efficient Scotland: the route map

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This route map for the Energy Efficient Scotland programme sets out the journey national homes, businesses and public buildings will take to become more energy efficient.

Scottish Ministers designated energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority in 2015, recognising the many benefits delivered by improving the energy performance of our buildings. The Programme Energy Efficient Scotland aims to deliver on this priority through a 20 year programme containing a set of actions to make Scotland’s existing buildings near zero carbon wherever feasible by 2050, and in a way that is socially and economically sustainable.


By the end of the Programme Energy Efficient Scotland will have transformed the energy efficiency and heating of Scotland’s buildings, making existing homes, shops, offices, schools and hospitals more comfortable and easier to heat. Energy


Efficient Scotland delivers across two key policy areas of Government:

  • Removing poor energy efficiency as a driver for fuel poverty.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through more energy efficient buildings and decarbonising the heat supply.