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Implementing the New Energy Performance of Buildings and Energy Efficiency Directives

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With the recent amendments to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) as well as the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), the European Commission declares energy efficiency in buildings an imperative. Meanwhile, the public sector is to realise a leading role in the implementation of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. From long term renovation strategies over smart readiness to financing mechanisms for large scale impacts in the building sector, there are many challenges ahead.

Smart, long-term and efficient?


Download Brochure: Implementing the New Energy Performance of Buildings and Energy Efficiency Directives


What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

- How to develop strategies and systematic renovation plans for building stocks?

- How to balance energy and economical sustainability in future technical measures? How can you save both cost and energy in your building stock?

- Which financial instruments exist for energy efficiency?

- How to ensure that energy efficiency requirements do not dominate other key requirements for buildings?

- How to implement efficiently Smart Technologies for monitoring and control systems

- How to incentivize the renovation of buildings/unlocking private investments in the building stock.

- Financing mechanisms for energy efficiency measures (contracting, intracting, other)


Who is this seminar for?

- During this International Practical Seminar we bring together experienced practitioners from all over Europe such as Directors, Heads of Unit and Managers in public and private bodies involved in the fields of energy efficiency. Experts from: National and regional ministries and agencies in the field of Energy, Environment, Construction and Maintenance of Buildings, Regional Development, Infrastructure and Research, Electrical Services

- Universities and research facilities

- Public bodies on national and regional level 

- Public bodies on local level such as Municipalities

- National Investment, Development and Private Banks

- Housing Associations


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