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Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears

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This book draws on the author’s experience over almost three decades in hundreds of energy and resource-efficiency programmes for large multinationals, public institutions and small organizations around the world, illustrating why some programmes fail and to help readers avoid the most common mistakes.


This book sets out proven ideas and methods which will enable organizations to achieve Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears.


The contents of this book are provide free of charge and you are welcome to use any text or content except those quotes or images where copyright is explicitly identified as belonging to a third party, or where the image or words are identified as a derivative indicated by but not limited to wording such as “adapted from” or “based on”, in which case permission of the original copyright holders will be required.


Use of this material by educational establishments is encouraged, as is the selective use of the tools and information by practitioners and agencies in support of their efficiency programmes, as long as this does not involve the resale of all or part of this material. If in doubt about your use of this material, please contact the publisher at the address left.