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Better buildings for a better future - Eurima's action plan for a sustainable building stock by 2050

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Buildings are critical to our health and well-being: Most of us spend up to 90 percent of the day in the office, at school, in hospitals, shops and at home, and the way we build and use our buildings directly impacts the quality and sustainability of our living environment.


Eurima (the European Insulation Manufacturers Association) prepared this white paper in order to promote the quality of new and renovated building across EU, since no overall climate, energy, circular-economy or health objective will be achievable without tapping the potential of Europe’s buildings.


To reach the goal, an inclusive, coordinated, cross-sector approach to policy development and implementation is essential.


Along with finance and digital technology, policy and regulation will be key enablers for transforming the building sector to meet our sustainable development objectives.


The backbone of the future strategy will be: make renovation happen, introducing an affordable and comfortable homes plan to phase out the worst energy performing buildings and build and renovate sustainably, also developing an EU-wide open standard for information on the content of construction products, encouraging the use of non-toxic and recyclable materials.


You can find the whole paper, with all the statements and actions for fostering the improvements of the built environment, on the website of Eurima.