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Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration: Putting empowered European citizens on the road to a low-carbon energy future!

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Key challenge for sustainable energy future is the path towards 2050: buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption, and 80% goes for heating and cooling.


Moreover, the intermittent availability of renewable energy sources and the increase of the electrical energy demand would put strain on the grid.


The European energy system is facing key challenges in the path towards a sustainable energy transition: currently the buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption (80% for heating and cooling), there is an intermittent availability of renewable energy sources and an increase of the electrical energy demand that put stress on the grid.


There is a need of a resilient, affordable, clean, secure, efficient energy system that can be obtained with a mix of energy solutions working together.


A crucial role in the future energy system will be the fuel cells micro-cogeneration, able to produce heat and electricity on site with high efficiency. The technology allows to increase the grid stability since it generated electricity in peak of when renewables are not available.


It has been estimated that it is possible to reduce the cost of the electricity system of about 6000€ for each kW of installed capacity towards 2050 thanks to the increased efficiency, the reduced cost for infrastructures and operation.


EU project PACE aims to deploy 2800 fuel cells units across 10 EU countries in households and small businesses by 2021. The project links together leading manufacturers, user associations, utilities, and consultancy and research community.


PACE will enable to move the sector towards product industrialisation, fostering the market at national level by engaging building professionals and a wider energy community


Fuel cell micro-cogeneration has clear costumers and energy system benefits not fully recognised yet. Appropriate EU and national policy frameworks put in place to encourage wide deployment of the state of the art home energy solution providing clean, secure and affordable energy to all Europeans.


Check the video of the project PACE for policy makers!