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Coolproducts for a cool planet

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If the European Union wants to meet its 2020 climate and energy targets in a sustainable and cost-effective way it has to make a real turn toward saving energy. The EU made a commitment to reduce energy use by 20% in 2020, but is far off track to achieve this target: policies will need to be strengthened. One quarter of energy in Europe is used for heating and cooling buildings, and around one third of this energy is unnecessarily wasted due to poor performing products. EU minimum energy efficiency requirements for water heaters, boilers and air-conditioners are currently being developed under the 2005 Ecodesign Directive. Will they deliver appropriate savings? Are these measures integrated and will they be complemented by a new EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan and a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive? Will this help put energy saving at the heart of Europe’s politics this autumn? Join the Coolproducts partners and MEPs on October 14th to discuss the progress on energy saving in heating and cooling our buildings, and the hurdles and solutions to achieve the common goal. Coolproducts for a cool planet, an environmental NGO campaign, organises the conference and presents there the European Manifesto Warm homes, cool products.
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