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New York City buildings to receive "energy efficiency grade" in 2020

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New York City has introduced a bill that will rank and grade large buildings according to energy efficiency. 


The Local Law 95 implemented by the New York Department of Buildings will require structures that are 25,000 square feet (2,322 square metres) and over to report publicly on their data energy and water use. The protocol, which will come into action early 2020, is intended to encourage buildings to improve their energy efficiency standards. New scores will be produced every year taking into account any amends made to structures.


Information on the building's energy use will be processed by an online tool created by the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star programme and turned into an "energy efficiency grade", rated from A to F, as reported by the New York Times. 

The system will also take into consideration a building's size, type and number of occupants. Buildings will then be required to post these grades in a clearly visible location, similar to how the city's restaurants are graded regarding cleanliness and code violations.

Before, a D grade was given to those that scored less than 20, but now if they are less 55. An F, meaning failure, is given if the building owner has not complied in accordance with the rules. An A grade, however, is now easier to get with the revised bill as the energy emission score is 85 or above rather than 90 or above.


Buildings, which are reportedly accountable for 71 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in New York, have become a focal point of the city's efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions in the face of the climate-change crisis.


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