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6th NanoMaterials for Energy and Environment - NanoMatEn 2020

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Due to the current situation, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are interdisciplinary fields that bring together physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and engineers to meet the potential future challenges that humankind will face, including the search for renewable energies for sustainable development and new technologies for carbon capture and environmental protection. Among the current subjects in nanoscience and nanotechnology, nanomaterials are developing fast and explosively and attracting a huge amount of attention. Nanomaterials and their manufacturing technologies have been seamlessly integrated into many applications. They continue to show promising potential and have found application in solar cells, fuel cells, secondary batteries, supercapacitors, air and water purification, and removal of domestic and outdoor air pollutants. Clean energy and environmental applications often demand the development of novel nanomaterials that can provide shortest reaction pathways for the enhancement of reaction kinetics. Understanding the physicochemical, structural, microstructural, and surface properties of nanomaterials is vital for achieving the required efficiency, cycle life, and sustainability in various technological applications.


The 6th edition of the International conference and exhibition on NanoMaterials for Energy & Environment - NanoMatEn 2020, is an ideal opportunity to the researchers and industrials to show the recent efforts made through nanoscience and nanotechnology toward meeting the pressing energy and environmental challenges that humankind faces. It will be an opportunity for them to examine future directions of nanomaterial development and encourages future efforts. The conference program will include contributions from world-renowned specialists in the fields of nanomaterials, energy, and environmental science.


Keynote Speakers


Prof. Albert Polman

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


Prof. Jos Haverkort

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands


Prof. Norbert Nickel

Prof. Norbert Nickel, Institute of Silicon Photovoltaics, Germany


Dr. Laetitia Philippe

Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland


Dr. Ana Luísa Daniel da Silva

University of Aveiro, Portugal


Prof. Andrei Kholkin

University of Aveiro, Portugal


Dr. Victor Klimov

Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics, USA


Dr. Jose María Ulloa

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Dr. Anna Laura Pisello

University of Perugia, Italy

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