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Renovate Europe: online source map

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The website of the Renovate Europe Campaign presents a huge number of building renovation best practices across Europe. The scope is to provide a set of exemplary case studies to be further replicated in order to boost the building renovation rates among the EU Member States towards the reduction of 80% of energy demand by 2050.


The interactive Europe map allows to select the desired case study and to visualize the main information about the case dealing with ownership, construction, and renovation year, building surface, and general building features. Moreover, the sheet reports also the energy performances before and after renovation and the related cost of the intervention.


Several case studies have been renovated within specific European research projects or local renovation programme, and in each description sheet there is a comprehensive list of external references to have a more detailed overview of the case.

Moreover, it is also possible to display the projects according to the building type (Multi-Family Homes, Public Buildings, Single-Family Homes, Tertiary Buildings, Heritage Buildings) and according to the financing programme adopted for the renovation.


Finally, a specific section dedicated to the building technologies adopted is available, with a specific focus on: solar thermal panels, photovoltaic systems, roof insulation, heat recovery, etics, dry lining walls, window restoration, control systems, and heat pumps). Each technology has a dedicated page with informative materials, installation videos and external links to dedicated technology associations in order to complete the information and to enable the replication of the renovation across Europe.


The on-line source map is available on the Renovate Europe website.