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World Summit on Digital Built Environment - WDBE 2020

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World Summit on Digital Built Environment, WDBE 2020, 29-30 September, virtual Helsinki & Tallinn

The world needs more diverse stories about a sustainable future. World Summit on Digital Built Environment gives us a story told through our colorful ecosystem of future builders. By redefining the concept of a summit we promise you an access to virtual experience, co-created festival and innovation platform highlighting the brightest minds and digital solutions improving our urban future. To concretize the unlimited possibilities of digitalization as an enabler of a more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future, we will create an illusion of a future metropol to be experienced together. Virtual keys to our main event are now sold globally!


Who is it for?

WDBE brings together professionals of the built environment from the public, and private sector globally. Anyone who shares the enthusiasm to experience, share and co-create our urban future is warmly invited. Together we can push already existing solutions even further to unleash the positive power of digitalisation.

Take part in our free online pre-events and buy a key to our virtual main event to embark on an exciting trip as a citizen of Illusion. Our main event programme includes collaborative sessions, workshops, matchmaking opportunities as well as keynotes from international pioneers. You can also join our story as a partner to build our shared Illusion together – The virtual imaginary twin city of Helsinki + Tallinn + “in between” is your playground. Let’s redefine sustainability for urban future together!


WDBE Re-invented!

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we decided to go virtual. We are now building the main event platform together with award-winning user experience focused virtual reality studio Zoan.


“While the term “virtual” has lately gone through some heavy inflation, we want to make sure the attendees experience a proper definition of that term. A story driven real-time experience that takes full advantage of the latest technologies in virtual production”, promises Lauri Perämäki from Zoan.


The Summit is organised by KIRAHub and RIL together with Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.



KIRAHub and RIL together with Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
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Sami Lankiniemi, Head of Partnerships, KIRAHub
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+358 407662263
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