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IEA building database

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Credits: IEA

The large amount of energy-related data collected and analysed by the International Energy Agency are available on an on-line structured database.


In particular, there are three main sections where the information are divided:

  • Data: where is possible to browse across data on CO2 emissions, energy consumptions and further key indicators at country and regional level
  • Fuel and technologies: where the main data about the cosumptions of different fuels and energy carriers as well as the use of several key technologies for heating, cooling, renewables, etc. are included.
  • Analysis: where a set of analyses organized by topic or by energy saving programme are available.

This last section includes the topic of “buildings” with data on CO2 emissions and energy intensity of different sectors and contexts. Moreover, there is a list of building-related technologies: envelope, heating, cooling, appliances, demand-respond, lighting and solar that are analysed according to the energy-saving impacts and use across countries and regions.


All the information and data are available from the IEA website, and in particular in the Building section.