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CU WEBINAR | Sustainable Construction through Circular Economy under the Green Deal

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30 SEPTEMBER 2020 | 10h00-11h30


ZOOM, online Webinar Platform


Cerame-Unie has launched a Cycle of Webinars on Circular Economy. The Kick-Off Webinar Opportunities of Circular Economy for the Ceramic Industry, under the European Green Deal, provided an overview of the contribution of the Ceramic Industry to Circular Economy and gathered more than 170 participants.


The upcoming webinar, which will take place on Wednesday 30 September from 10:00 to 11:30 and will focus on Sustainable Construction through Circular Economy under the Green Deal.  


As part of the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan aims at accelerating and promoting the transition to a circular economy. This second webinar will focus on the contribution of ceramic construction products to circular and sustainable construction and the challenges that lie ahead.


Ceramic construction products – bricks & roof tiles, wall & floor tiles, sanitaryware, expanded clay and clay pipes – already play a considerable role and contribute to this transition, through the durability and sustainability of the products.


The Ceramic Industry has developed numerous solutions to minimize the consumption of raw materials and the waste generated during the production process, as well as to increase the rate of reuse and recycling of its products.


The event will count with the presence of the following guest speakers:


  • MEP Christian Doleschal, Member of ENVI Committee, European Parliament
  • Josefina Lindblom, Policy Officer, DG ENVI, European Commission


The Webinar will be held through the online platform ZOOM. Please register your participation through the following LINK, before Friday 18 September.


You will receive an automatic reply confirming your registration and granting you an access link to the Webinar (please remember to check spam). If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us through


Looking forward to welcoming you to the 2nd Webinar of the CU Cycle of Webinars on Circular Economy.

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