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Paper Warehouse and Offices Aggelidis – Georgakopoulos A.E.B.E. Athens , Greece

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The building was constructed in 2003. It houses areas for printing, paper treatment, paper storage and office areas. The building has a total floor area of 10 400 m². The building incorporates a number of energy efficient systems. Ground heat exchangers are installed for the cooling the air supplied to the work areas on the ground floor. In the offices on the first floor, a multi-zone VRV air conditioning system, consisting of nine external units and sixty four interior units provides heating and cooling . Every external unit has an inverter that adjusts the performance of the system according to demand. In addition, ceiling fans are installed to improve thermal comfort. Sensors in each office area control the level of the artificial lighting according to the available daylight. The distribution of daylight is enhanced by the use of reflecting surfaces near the windows. Also, sensors open or close the window blinds. Overall control and monitoring of the building services is provided by a sophisticated building management system (BMS).

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AdVent Case 3

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M Santamouris and I Farrou.


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens



I Farrou,


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


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The building is characterised by its high architectural quality in conjunction with an excellent energy and environmental performance. The cladding of the building envelope combined with the system of the earth to air heat exchangers performs well in the paper warehouse and provides acceptable indoor environmental conditions, even during the days with extreme climatic conditions. Additionally, the HVAC system of the office areas equipped with heat recovery results in very low energy consumption.

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