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ReCO2ST Special Session in Advanced Building Skins Conference

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On 27 October 2020, the Horizon 2020 ReCo2ST project will chair a special session at the Advanced Building Skins Conference, in Bern, Switzerland.


The special session topic is “Innovative Approaches to Building Refurbishment”.


The special session participants will present innovative technologies proposed for refurbishment, including kinetic façade systems, cooling evaporative roofs, vacuum insulation panels, smart windows and BIPVs.


The special session is also an opportunity to discuss new concepts for building retrofit and especially for ReCO2ST to present the methodology developed for refurbishment assessment.


The ReCO2ST project has developed a holistic approach to building retrofit through a systematic methodology, aiming to achieve cost-efficient renovation at NZEB levels leading to CO2 emissions reduction and healthier living environments.


The project proposes the development of a refurbishment assessment platform, and a refurbishment package of innovative technologies.


The ReCOST partners that participate in the special session are:


Aalborg University (ReCO2ST coordinator): Novel methodology for NZEB renovation of residential buildings


Estia SA: Smart windows and unsmart air inlets for residential building extraction ventilation


Va-Q-tec: Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) for use in buildings


University of Cadiz: Evaporative cooling active roof


The European Cool Roofs Council, the Dissemination and Communication partner for ReCO2ST, will chair the session represented by Dr Kostas Gobakis.


The ReCo2ST partner va-Q-tec, will be one of the conference exhibitors. va-Q-tec manufactures vacuum insulation panel (VIP) systems, that are lightweight with high thermal performance, creating new opportunities for effective and sustainable solutions.


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