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Collecting Data from Energy Certification to Monitor Performance Indicators for New and Existing Buildings - DATAMINE Executive Summary

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The Datamine Project has been driven by the need for concrete data on potential energy savings and CO2 reductions in the European building stock. Data will in turn help develop tailored, cost-efficient complementary measures to energy performance legislation, such as soft loans and tax incentives. DATAMINE aims to construct a knowledge base using the information on the energy performance certificates issued when buildings are constructed, sold or rented. The test data comes from buildings in 12 different countries and full allowance is made for the Europe-wide differences in certification schemes, since each country has a scheme tailored to its specific needs, building stock and climate. Test projects have been carried out on large samples of buildings in 12 countries, each with individual monitoring targets. This gives a clearer insight into the current state of refurbishment of the buildings in each country. Data from around 18 000 buildings have until now been collected in the common DATAMINE format. Cross-country analysis of the collected data is now underway and the project will lead to an evaluation of monitoring systems in each country. Dialogue is maintained with the national bodies implementing certification schemes across Europe.
– a concept providing data to be collected in order to monitor the energy performance of the existing building stock,
– a convention ("language") for exchanging information about a building's energy related features between countries,
– a scheme for evaluation of national databases and for international comparison.
A full set of reports:
– Harmonised Data Structure (Excel table with data field names and descriptions)
– Executive Summary
– Final Report
– Abstracts for each of the 12 Model Projects (in English and in national languages).
All information listed above is available at the DATAMINE website: