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ZERO-PLUS: Final results of the Four Pilot Settlements

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ZERO-PLUS is a comprehensive, cost-effective approach for the design, construction and monitoring of Net Zero Energy Settlements (NZESs). The proposed approach was applied in four case studies in different climatic settings, France, UK, Italy and Cyprus.


ZERO-PLUS settlements exceed the state of art by setting performance objectives requiring improvement relative to other energy-efficient buildings.


Monitoring activities and the Web-GIS platform were at the core of the project, as they were used:


  1. for the fine-tuning of the simulation models,
  2. for checking in real-time the performance of the settlements to ensure timely interventions and troubleshooting of the installed systems and technologies when needed, and
  3. for evaluating the total energy performance of the settlements, by performing the Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) and making the transition from building to settlement level.

Data analysis showed high satisfaction with individual parameters (ventilation, temperature, noise, lighting,  odours) and overall satisfaction with the buildings.


This publication presents the final results of the energy, cost and environmental performance analysis of the four pilot settlements.