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Exploratory Meeting - European Re-Building Forum

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Supported by the French Ministry of the Environment and a number of private businesses, the European Re-Building Forum will be a physical platform to encourage an exchange of views among stakeholders on retrofitting existing buildings to accelerate the implementation of the 28% cost-effective savings potential in buildings by 2020. Such a Forum would act both as a centre of expertise on all aspects of energy performance in buildings and as repository for European best practices covering all aspects of energy efficiency in buildings from helping structure new policies, practical implementation of best practices, monitoring and evaluating programmes and build capacity for expertise in buildings in specific EU countries. It would further provide rigorous evidence based information and policy guidance to steer decisions of both policy makers and stakeholders at EU and Member State level. The main aim of the Forum is to demonstrate the importance of an integrated approach and upgrade the capacity of public authorities and building professionals along the value chain of the building sector. This will enable them to mainstream successful “bottom up” initiatives and good practices to create a scale effect in upgrading the existing EU building stock to best energy performance standards. The Forum would aim to have a duration of two years, produce a roadmap of actions to be taken at Member State and Local level and set up 3 targeted working groups per year to address specific issues with participation of relevant partner organizations.
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European Partners for the Environment
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Marco Torregrossa
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0032 2 771 15 34
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