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First Passive House Hotel in Austria (and probably in the world)

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In autumn 2009 the first Passive House Hotel in Austria (and probably in the world) has been opened. The minimised heating demand is covered by a water/water heat pump, using thermo active building systems, which are also used for cooling by ground water. Large part of the electricity demand is covered by PV on the southern facade, heating and hot water is partly covered by 130 m² thermal solar collectors. Further the hotels gives price discount for guests travelling environmental friendly by train or bike.The hotel is located in the Centre of Vienna and is close to Metro station. The hotel plans to become a zero energy building by installing small scale wind turbines on the roof, but legal permission for this is still under discussion.

Acronym of the case

Passive House Hotel

Lessons learnt

Passive House Standard is achievable in many building categories, also in hotels. To use thermo active building components makes using solar energy and cooling by ground water much easier and enables to achieve zero energy building standard

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Operational date

Martedì, 15 Dicembre, 2009

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