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New information paper on recommendations to policy makers to improve the quality and impact of EPBD regulations

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The main objective of the ASIEPI project has been to formulate suggestions to policy makers on how to improve the quality and the impact of the regulations on the energy performance of buildings with respect to 6 specific issues: intercomparison of the levels of the energy performance requirements; impact, compliance and control of legislation; effective handling of thermal bridges; stimulation of good building and ductwork airtightness; support for the market uptake for innovative systems; stimulation of better summer comfort and efficient cooling. The information paper, which is available since 30 April 2010, gives a brief overview of the major recommendations for each of these 6 topics, and serves as a general introduction to the project.
  • The EPBD requires Member States to define building energy performance requirements... but did the Member States take this opportunity to strengthen their existing legislation?
  • Member States are free to define their calculation methods and their requirements... Is it therefore possible to compare requirements across Europe? If yes, are the requirements from one country more severe than those of neighbouring countries?
  • The EPBD gives a list of aspects to consider in the calculation procedures... Practically, how to effectively handle thermal bridges, stimulate good summer comfort conditions and good building and duct airtightness?
  • The EPBD should not be a barrier for innovation. Are there legal and technical frameworks to assess the energy performance of new innovative systems not covered by the standard procedures?
  • Regulations are only useful if they are respected. How do Member States organise control and compliance?
The ASIEPI project (01/10/2007 - 31/03/2010) analysed those aspects in participating countries, and made suggestions for improvements.
ASIEPI stands for 'Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact (for new buildings and building renovation)'.