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This case study represents a rehabilitation and energy renovation of a 1970 condominium. It consists of a small joint ownership of 23 lots in Sevran (in Paris suburbs) as part of the "OPAH Quartier Rougemont" with the operator OZONE.  
Post date: 19 Lug 2019
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This is the first block of housing certified in Spain built in 2017 under the Passivhaus standard, and therefore has a demand for heating below 15kWh / m2a, and a heating load of 10W / m2.   This implies that a floor of 75m2 will have a heating load of only 750W, so with a hair dryer there would be enough to heat two houses.   To achieve this the following principles have been applied:  
Post date: 1 Lug 2019
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Historic buildings are defining elements of city centres but also responsible for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce their energy demand, it is important to improve envelopes’ thermal transmittance without damaging the historic integrity of their façades by applying interior insulation.   Thus, a detailed planning is needed to guarantee that case-specific variables are well considered. In this study, a holistic performance-based evaluation method is developed.
Post date: 11 Giu 2019
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The seismic and energy retrofitting of existing European buildings with innovative materials is addressed in this report. The need for retrofitting of old buildings emanates from their substandard design in terms of both earthquake resistance and thermal insulation. This is revealed during strong earthquakes that result in collapses and damages of old buildings and consequently in economic losses, severe injuries and loss of human lives.
Post date: 21 Ago 2018
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The rapid worldwide growth of the construction industry during recent decades has resulted in an enormous increase in the global production of  Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW), placing an enormous strain on the environmental. The industry urgently needs to implement changes to economic policy and decision-making criteria to address this issue and to safe-guard the environment. Some challenges to be overcome:
Post date: 29 Giu 2018
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VIPA International is organizing a conference entitled ‘More space and saving energy with Vacuum Insulation Panels’. This event (free of charge) will take place on Thursday morning, 27 September 2018, in Vienna, Austria.  
Post date: 28 Mag 2018
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By Daniel Quenard (CSTB)   Following years of research and development by EU-funded, national and international projects, Super-Insulated Materials (SIM) have achieved maturity. The industry is now rolling out market-ready solutions.  
Post date: 19 Dic 2017
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Vacuum tube window technology for highly insulating building fabric: An experimental and numerical investigation  
Post date: 5 Dic 2017
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The preamble of this interisting publication describes perfectly the relevance of its content:  
Post date: 23 Ott 2017
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"Die energetische Gebäudesanierung gehört zu den zentralen Stellschrauben der Energiewende. Der Gebäudebereich allein ist in Deutschland verantwortlich für rund 35 Prozent des Energieverbrauchs und für 30 Prozent der energiebedingten CO2-Emissionen. Ein besonderer Fokus der energetischen Sanierung liegt dabei auf privaten Wohnhäusern, die knapp zwei Drittel des Gebäudebestandes ausmachen. Es gibt in Deutschland rund 14 Millionen Ein- und Zweifamilienhäuser und etwa vier Millionen Mehrfamilienhäuser.
Post date: 20 Ott 2017
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