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This report from the The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) provides an overview of the programmes to encourage improved energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings in the U.S.A. These programmes are operated by the U.S. federal government as well as states, utilities, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations. Some of these programs are decades old; others are more recent. The report is also available in Chinese language.
Post date: 17 Set 2013
Type: Publication

The authors begin with a brief history of building energy efficiency policies in China. The body of the report is structured as a review of five aspects of China’s building energy efficiency: building energy performance; building energy efficiency policies for new buildings; building energy efficiency policies for existing buildings; application of renewable energy to buildings; and rural building energy use.
Post date: 6 Lug 2012
Type: Publication

What is the definition of the compliance rate in China’s enforcement of building energy codes? If the improvement data are accurate, how is it that China has been able to bring about such impressive improvements in only five years? This report will try to answer the above questions, with a focus on the role of third parties in the implementation of building energy codes.
Post date: 22 Mar 2012
Type: Publication

To download the report from the ACEEE website, please click here.
Post date: 16 Gen 2012
Type: Publication