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Post date: 7 Lug 2009
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The used energy efficiency technologies include new insulation materials, high efficient windows and phase change material as well as efficient energy supply technologies like a micro combined heat and power unit, fuel cells, heat pump and photovoltaic panels. The building is a transportable, fully functional light-weight construction and produces more energy than it consumes. A so-called intelligent energy reader indicates possible electrical energy savings. The building is made of sustainable, natural and recycable materials.
Post date: 7 Lug 2009
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Post date: 25 Giu 2009
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Post date: 24 Giu 2009
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"ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energies at the local and regional level. The main tools are workshops and online events. Additionally information is provided on case studies and good practice, European legislation and programmes.
Post date: 19 Giu 2009
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IDA ICE is a dynamic multi-zone simulation application for accurate study of thermal indoor climate of individual zones as well as the energy consumption of entire buildings.Version 4 will bereleased in August 2009
Post date: 16 Giu 2009
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The Heat Pump Centre is the central information activity of the IEA Heat Pump Programme (also known as HPP). The IEA Heat Pump Centre is an international information service that advocates for the Heat Pump industry.  
Post date: 15 Giu 2009
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