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The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is now in a process of analysing all the SEAPs submitted by the Covenant signatories so far. The process has been slightly delayed in order to put in place a well developed and high quality assessment scheme. The assessment will be done in two steps: first the eligibility of the SEAP is checked based on key criteria set within the Covenant of Mayors; and second the content of the SEAP is assessed followed by a feedback report to the signatory.
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This Community aims at discussing on the challenge of insulating a building from the inside. It disseminates the most relevant publications, technologies and news. In particular, it raises awareness to the building sector on the contribution of product materials to insulate buildings from the inside. This Community is facilitated by  EUROGYPSUM, the European federation of national associations of gypsum products manufacturers.
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The European legislation is aimed at achieving a significant reduction in the energy consumption of buildings, thus helping to combat global warming and strengthen the EU’s energy security. Large energy savings will also enable households to drastically reduce their bills. The Commission considers that Italy and Spain have not adopted all the measures provided for in European legislation.Italy:
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UIA (The International Union of Architects) is a professional network that unites architects worldwide. In December 2009 at the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP15, UIA launched their strategy Sustainable by Design to enable the development of buildings, cities and landscapes that meet present and future global requirements. For instance by optimizing efficiency through design, seeking the usage of healthy materials for healthy buildings and aiming to significantly reducing carbon imprints.
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