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Results of the public consultation "Financial Support for Energy Efficiency in Buildings" have been published by the European Commission. The objective of this consultation was to obtain the views of stakeholders on how the financial support for energy efficiency measures aimed at improving the energy performance of buildings, both at EU as well as at national/regional/local level, could be improved.  
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The lobbying battle is picking up again after the summer break, with industry chiefs concerned about the fragmented approach countries could take in transposing the EU law into their national legislation.The directive has been seen as a game-changer because it imposes an annual 1.5% reduction on the amount of energy utilities charge to their customers. Its compulsory measures are also expected to trigger a major revamp of the EU's existing building stock.
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La mayoría de veces ahorrar energía y agua es sólo cuestión de cambiar ciertos hábitos de consumo, otras veces vale la pena invertir cierto dinero en cambios tecnológicos que a la larga te supondrán un ahorro que también notarás en la factura. En esta página dispónes de una guía completa sobre todo lo que puedes hacer para no desperdiciar energía
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