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The REVALUE project partners have delivered recommendations for key stakeholders on how best to ensure energy efficiency is included in the valuation process. There are long-term risk implications for low energy performance properties and the lending industry is beginning to recognise this. Here is a video summarising the recommendations and outlining the potential risks.  
Post date: 7 Gen 2019
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The report introduce AI as a generic term that refers to any machine or algorithm that is capable of observing its environment, learning, and based on the knowledge and experience gained, take intelligent actions or propose decisions. Autonomy of decision processes and interaction with other machines and humans are other dimensions that need to be considered.  
Post date: 18 Dic 2018
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After sharing the research conclusions, the REVALUE project partners took the opportunity to talk with some key stakeholders about the role of energy efficiency in the European housing sector, both now and moving forward.   1. An interview with Martin Schoenberg – Energy Efficiency Project Coordinator, UNEP FI   What are the trends and initiatives in the market that we should be paying attention to?
Post date: 17 Dic 2018
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With a low rate of new building construction and an insufficient rate of existing building renovation, there is the need to step up the pace of building renovation with ambitious performance targets to achieve European Union (EU) climate change policies for 2050.  
Post date: 7 Dic 2018
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“We will co-finance the procurement and installation of biomass boilers and heat pumps by individuals with HRK 12 million. Depending on the location of the house, it is possible to get co-financing of between 40% and 80% of the project value, but not more than HRK 35,000 including VAT, to install a biomass system or up to HRK 45,000 for heat pump systems,” FZOEU Director Dubravko Ponoš said.  
Post date: 6 Nov 2018
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Become a pioneer into innovation and join a unique opportunity for creative and imaginative people who want to step into the arena of professional green innovation.  
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Global energy demand grew by 2% in 2017 after two years of low growth. An increase in energy using activities across many countries, regions and sectors outweighed ongoing progress on energy efficiency. Global energy intensity fell by 1.7% in 2017, the smallest annual improvement this decade.  
Post date: 24 Ott 2018
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Energy efficiency is the best investment in sustainable energy that has multiple benefits. Yet, its vast potential is not realised. What are the challenges – as it’s seen by the industry? How can regional and local authorities can foster such investments? What are the financial hints and tricks to make a project attractive for those who finance it? This webinar aims to discuss these questions among others and assist those considering to draft and implement ambitious local and regional EE policies and actions. Agenda:
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A very busy agenda from 8 to 11 November in Brussels: 170 sessions, 6.000 participants, officials from EU institutions and national and regional organisms and other relevant stakeholders. Hence, at least, this is a unique moment to make friends and expand your networks in all possible levels.
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