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Unlocking the energy saving potential of the continent’s ageing building stock will be “absolutely central” to a key review of EU policy this summer, the EU’s top energy efficiency official has said.But Paul Hodson, the head of the EU’s energy efficiency unit, flagged "micro" public action, dampening hopes of major policy advances in the review which will stock-take progress towards meeting 2020 energy saving goals and mull 2030 objectives.The paper will now be published in July, during the EU’s summer vacation period.  
Post date: 5 Feb 2014
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This Study re-affirms that the energy efficient renovation of the EU building stock is one of the most attractive and low cost options available to the EU to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce dependence on imported fuels. In addition, it finds that the pursuit of ambitious energy efficiency renovation programmes in the EU will bring permanent annual economic benefits to public finances and to society at large.
Post date: 25 Nov 2013
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Post date: 12 Ago 2013
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"Renoveren A+" is a free tool to assist in the selection of necessary measures to accomplish deep renovation. The tool supplies information towards a solution strategy for a given energy ambition, whereby the starting point is the reduction of the energy demand. Results are given for annual energy values, but there are also possibilities for finance and particular interest towards building physics, building construction and installation. When the user of the tool chooses other options, different results will be given.
Post date: 8 Lug 2013
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Impacts such as the following are expected: Rise of income and corporate taxes, Decrease of social costs, Employment generated, Energy bills in the public sector by 2020,... The study presents the issue from the following perspective :
Post date: 30 Ott 2012
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