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Now in its third year, Climate-KIC’s Climathon challenge, a global 24-hour climate change event, engages more than 50 cities to join the movement on 27 October 2017. Brussels is one of them.    
Post date: 11 Ott 2017
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Affordable warmth, clean growth - Action Plan for a comprehensive Buildings Energy Infrastructure Programme  
Post date: 5 Ott 2017
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Unter dem Titel „Wissen macht Wandel“ nahm die Brodowin-Grundschule in Berlin Alt-Hohenschönhausen am Wettbewerb Berliner Klima Schulen 2017 teil. Seit Anfang Juli steht fest, die Schule hat den Wettbewerb gewonnen und erhält die 5.000 € für den Gewinnerbeitrag. Insgesamt wurden 11 Projekte mit Preisen im Gesamtwert von 13.500 € ausgezeichnet. Berlins größter Schulwettbewerb zum Klimaschutz wird sein neun Jahren vom Land Berlin und der GASAG AG ausgeschrieben.  Die Schüler der 4. und 5.
Post date: 8 Ago 2017
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Zwanzig Berliner Schulen engagierten sich als Leuchtturmschulen im Projekt „Energie und Klimaschutz an Schulen“. Drei Schulen wurden jetzt durch den Berliner Staatssekretär für Umwelt- und Klimaschutz Stefan Tidow ausgezeichnet.
Post date: 7 Ago 2017
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On 7-8 July, European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker met with other Group of Twenty (G20) leaders for a summit in Hamburg, Germany. This was the first such global meeting following the announcement by the US Administration of its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change.  
Post date: 11 Lug 2017
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Using Better Energy Better   Energy productivity is all about maximising every single unit of energy to generate greater economic output - in other words, doing more with less.   Businesses have a crucial role to play in reducing their climate impact - and the EP100 initiative is how the world's biggest companies including H&M, SwissRE and others are demonstrating their energy productivity leadership. Ready to join them?  
Post date: 23 Giu 2017
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  EU Green Week 2017 will take place from 29 May to 2 June 2017 with the theme 'Green jobs for a greener future'. Organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment, this key event in the environment policy calendar attracts policymakers, leading environmentalists, stakeholders and other interested parties from across Europe and the globe.  
Post date: 2 Mar 2017
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Numerous German and Polish municipalities are taking pioneering action for the climate and, thus also, for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. More than 800 Polish municipalities have applied for funding for the development of low-carbon growth plans. The German Environment Ministry (BMUB) is involved in expanding advisory assistance services for these municipalities. At the moment, the BMUB is supporting two projects that facilitate German-Polish exchange at local and regional level through the establishment of climate action city partnerships, among other initiatives.
Post date: 23 Gen 2017
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In un nuovo Progetto in Ambito Nazionale Klimaschutzinitiative promuove il ministero federale per l'ambiente, la Formazione di Studenti a Klimaberatern. Il cosiddetto Clima Schülervertreter di eventi e Progetti per la protezione del Clima organizzare, con l'Obiettivo di emissioni di gas Serra a Scuola a ridurre. Il Progetto triennale dal BMUB con un totale di 830.000 euro. Studenti di Scuole possibile SV-Bildungswerk segnalare.
Post date: 9 Dic 2016
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Un anno dopo la critica di Parigi Accordo Climatico globale, i sindaci di tutto il mondo megalopoli incontrato a Città del Messico dal 30 novembre al 2 dicembre 2016 al C40 Sindaci Vertice di impegnarsi per trasformare il clima tassi concordati dagli stati-nazione dall'aspirazione all'azione.  
Post date: 7 Dic 2016
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