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The prospect of a decarbonised energy system is now tantalisingly close, pushed forward by an infusion of renewables into the grid, the falling cost of wind and solar PV power, and advances in energy storage and smart digitalisation.   A modernised grid could deliver more from less, at substantially lower cost, but it would also require a rethink of market structures and a system that incentivises suppliers to sell customers volume, leading to waste.  
Post date: 26 Apr 2020
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Raw materials are essential to securing a transition to green energy technologies and for achieving the goals outlined in the European Green Deal. To meet the future energy demand through renewables, the power sector will face a massive deployment of wind and solar PV technologies. As result, the consumption of raw materials necessary to manufacture wind turbines and photovoltaic panels is expected to increase drastically in the coming decades.
Post date: 24 Apr 2020
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The impact of the coronavirus around the world and the resulting turmoil in global markets are dominating global attention. As governments respond to these interlinked crises, they must not lose sight of a major challenge of our time: clean energy transitions.  
Post date: 14 Apr 2020
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Germany's target for renewable energy sources to deliver 65% of its consumed electricity by 2030 seemed on track Wednesday, with 52% of electricity coming from renewables in 2020's first quarter. Renewable energy advocates, however, warned the trend is imperiled by slowdowns in building new wind and solar plants.  
Post date: 7 Apr 2020
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After stalling last year, global capacity additions of renewable power are set to bounce back with double-digit growth in 2019, driven by solar PV’s strong performance, according to the International Energy Agency. The IEA expects renewable capacity additions to grow by almost 12% this year, the fastest pace since 2015, to reach almost 200 GW, mostly thanks to solar PV and wind. Global solar PV additions are expected to increase by over 17%.  
Post date: 23 Set 2019
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The 4th Renewable Energy Sources - Research and Business conference (RESRB) 2019 will be held on July 8-9, 2019 in Wrocław (Poland).   Conference themes include: -1) bioenergy, -2) wind, -3) solar
Post date: 12 Giu 2019
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On 17-21 September 2018, you are welcome to join the India - EU Clean Energy Days & International Matchmaking organised by Business Beyond Borders (BBB) together with European Business & Technology Centre (EBTC) and supported by European Commission.
Post date: 24 Lug 2018
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This webinar focuses on the share of intermittent wind and solar power in the EU which is increasing. Reaching a low-carbon electricity sector will depend on efficient integration of these energy sources by creating more flexibility, including through generation and demand response as well as the grid. This webinar will outline the challenge; give an overview of the status quo of EU electricity markets and present policy recommendations from the recent Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Task Force on "Improving the Market for Flexibility in the Electricity Sector".  
Post date: 18 Dic 2017
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Tijdens de week van 19-25 juni, verschillende activiteiten zullen plaatsvinden op de eilanden van Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura en Tenerife, in de context van de EUSEW 2017 Energie-Dagen. De gebeurtenissen hebben betrekking op de volgende onderwerpen:   Duurzame energie transformatie       Ocean energy     Pomp energie     Wind energie     Fotovoltaïsche energie     thermo-elektrische energie     Geothermische energie  
Post date: 31 Mag 2017
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The model project involving residents, local communities and cooperatives has received the European “Best Community Award” during a ceremony on 29 September 2016 at the WindEurope Summit” in Hamburg. The jury honoured wind energy projects that are particularly well integrated into their region and the wind park Südliche Ortenau impressed the jury by involving the citizens in areas ranging from information to financial involvement right from the start. The award was developed within the EU IEE “WISE Power” project that addresses the issue of social acceptance of wind energy projects.
Post date: 20 Ott 2016
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