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Video about techniques and materials for the realization of a green roof retrofitting and related benefits for low energy retrofitting interventions and improvement of the energy performance of existing buildings.The video has been used during the vocational training courses for Construction Professionals, Electrical Installers and Thermo-Hydraulic Installers overseen by the REE_TROFIT project.
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This forms part of selected papers from the conference Urban Environmental Pollution: Overcoming Obstacles to Sustainability and Quality of Life (UEP2010), 20-23 June 2010, Boston, USA Edited by W.J. Manning
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Information paper P193 of the European Project ASIEPI
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Green roofs are not new; they have been used for thousands of years because they helped insulate, thrived in the sun instead of rotting, and other than the increased structure, they were cheap, etc. Green roofs came into their own early in the decade, primarily due to the great work of Steven Peck and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; They turned it into a movement, "to increase the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roof infrastructure. " By 2003 they were even running awards programmes.
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