Concept   UrbanBIM project will deepen the interconnection of the triple helix, both in an educational level as well as for professional and will develop interoperability between metadata generated by the emerging technologies of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), so that all information can be flow into these systems and reinterpreted to exhaustive knowledge of urban developments and rehabilitations from an environmental point of view.
Post date: 29 Ago 2019
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The Compass project wants to contribute to building fair, social and environmentally sustainable societies through the development of a new professional curricula and a training course in the field of ecological conversion of public spaces. The project, based in 5 european countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia and Romania), includes activities of context analysis, dialogue with stakeholders, professional training and development of collaborative project ideas with local authorities to enhance participative and ecological conversion processes throughout Europe.  
Post date: 24 Ott 2017
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EACEA 27/2017 L'obiettivo del presente invito , pubblicato dall'Agenzia esecutiva per l'istruzione, l'audiovisivo e la cultura ( EACEA ) il 14 ottobre 2017, è quello di sostenere la preparazione o la creazione di qualifiche comuni in materia di istruzione e formazione professionale (VET) il miglioramento di tali qualifiche esistenti.
Post date: 23 Ott 2017
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