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Ekonomikas ministrija un Attīstības finanšu institūcija Altum informatīvās kampaņas „Dzīvo siltāk” ietvaros 2017. gada februārī uzsāk semināru ciklu par pieejamo valsts atbalstu energoefektivitātes pasākumu īstenošanai daudzdzīvokļu ēkās.
Post date: 20 Feb 2017
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2016 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings - From Components to Systems, From Buildings to Communities  
Post date: 8 Feb 2017
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Different Approaches and Common Results    
Post date: 13 Gen 2017
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Treet or "The Tree" in Norwegian proves that sustainable solutions for buildings in an urban context can indeed be achieved by working across different sectors to create a cost-efficient, modular high-rise building using a prefabrication process. Finding inspiration in the long history of wood construction in Norway and, in particular timber bridge building, the decision to build a tall wood high-rise in Bergen was definitely appropriate. Along the way, Treet has also set a new record for being one of the tallest timber buildings to date.
Post date: 4 Gen 2017
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This paper reviews and summarises research studies of residential energy efficiency (EE) and related ventilation upgrades, discusses ways that programmes monetise occupant health co-benefits, highlights innovative programmes that combine EE and health-focused home repairs and identifies where research gaps exist, and/or where research can be improved and leveraged.   Key study findings include:  
Post date: 13 Dic 2016
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Post date: 21 Nov 2016
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Families across Europe are taking steps that will reduce their energy consumption by more than 3,000,000 kWh thanks to the work of the EU funded FIESTA project.   The project, coordinated by Area Science Park Trieste, has carried out more than 1,022 energy audits with families in five European countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy and Spain. The project includes five technical partners (one for each participating country) and 14 cities.  
Post date: 2 Nov 2016
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REValue is a three-year project to develop international guidance for property appraisers, incorporating the collection and easy analysis of transparent energy data. This will help valuers to reflect the market value of energy efficiency (EE), in their appraisals of social and private housing stock.   ReValue aims to lead the development of appraisal norms and standards that REcorgnise Energy Efficiency Value in social and private residential real estate.  
Post date: 14 Ott 2016
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European Investment Bank (EIB) to attract private resources into residential energy efficiency renovation via the Lithuanian Leveraged Fund.   The Lithuanian Leveraged Fund, a government funded guarantee scheme, will support energy efficiency investments to cut energy bills in thousands of Lithuanian residences. The scheme, funded with EUR 100 million of EU Structural and Investment Funds and national resources, will maximise the funds available for the “Multi-apartment Building Modernisation Programme”.  
Post date: 7 Ott 2016
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This document, released by the Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association (ATTMA), provides the technical standard to be followed for the testing of dwellings in the UK as set out in Building Regulations and specifying documents around the world.  
Post date: 14 Set 2016
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