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Save the date: Conference “Jump-Start REE” Financing models for Residential Energy Efficiency in  Bosnia and Herzegovina     2 November 2017, Hotel Bristol, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina    Conference organised by ENOVA and Habitat for Humanity International Supported by: USAID    
Post date: 13 Ott 2017
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In the ZERO-PLUS project report “Market analysis of trends in the construction of residential highly energy performing buildings” a significant amount of information on barriers and drivers for the construction of highly energy efficient buildings, and for renovation programmes at the district or settlement level that improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings has been collected and reported.  
Post date: 29 Set 2017
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E=0: Desirable, warm, affordable homes for life   The Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) E=0  project will support the development of 11.200 home make-over to net zero energy levels in France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Luxemburg.  
Post date: 14 Ago 2017
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Compact REtrofit Advanced Thermal Energy storage - An economically affordable, compact and loss-free heat battery for existing buildings.”  
Post date: 28 Lug 2017
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Il 14 luglio 2017, la Commissione Europea ha annunciato che la Banca Europea per gli Investimenti (BEI) e Vonovia SE,  tedesca immobiliare società di gestione, hanno concluso un contratto di finanziamento per EURO 300 metri.
Post date: 17 Lug 2017
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iBROAD, the new Horizon 2020 project aiming to explore, design, develop and demonstrate the concept of individual Building Renovation ROADmaps, kicked off  on 3-4 July 2017 in Athens, Greece.   These building renovation roadmaps will serve as a tool outlining deep step-by-step renovation plans with customised recommendations for individual buildings (iBROAD-Plan), combined with a repository of building-related information (logbook, iBROAD- Log).  
Post date: 4 Lug 2017
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Heating consumption in the residential sector in Europe is around 2300 TWh/y, Domestic Hot Water (DHW) consumption reaches 500 TWh/y, while cooling consumption is less than 100 TWh/y.   The EU funded BuildHEAT Project (Standardised approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on HEATing and cooling consumptions attenuation) aims to drive change in the construction sector, bring information and coherence onto the market, facilitating the decision making and planning processes through:  
Post date: 20 Giu 2017
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This webpage of the French agency’s ADEME website, informs on financial incentives provided by energy suppliers in France, in respect to the energy renovation of residential buildings, in the framework of the White Certificates scheme. 
Post date: 14 Giu 2017
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L’article 18 bis de l’annexe IV au Code Général des Impôts est le texte réglementaire français qui liste les équipements, matériaux et appareils éligibles pour le bénéfice du crédit d'impôt sur le revenu en 2017. Ce crédit d'impôt est accordé au titre des dépenses d’équipements en faveur de la transition énergétique, supportées par les contribuables dans leur habitation principale. Le texte indique les critères de performance exigés pour chacun de ces équipements, matériaux et appareils pour bénéficier du crédit d’impôt.   
Post date: 14 Giu 2017
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Questo opuscolo presso l'Agenzia francese ADEME descrive finanziaria francese incentivi pubblici per il miglioramento delle prestazioni energetiche degli edifici residenziali che sono disponibili nel 2017. Essi comprendono: crediti di imposta, interessi zero crediti, l'IVA ridotta, sussidi, etc. 
Post date: 13 Giu 2017
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