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Germany’s funding programme for landlord-to-tenant electricity supply obtained approval under state aid rules from the European Commission. This means that funding can be granted under this programme which has already been approved by the Bundestag. The funding made available under the Landlord-to-Tenant Electricity Act, which entered into force on 25 July 2017, had been subject to approval by the European Commission.
Post date: 4 Dic 2017
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Cost-Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimisation in Building Renovation (Annex 56) - Guidebook for Professional Home Owners  
Post date: 7 Nov 2017
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This R&D conference combined with an international exhibition, the EUBCE represents one of the leading platforms for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific know-how in the field of biomass.
Post date: 3 Nov 2017
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Il CEDE 2017, organizzato da CEEP (Central European Energy Partners) in collaborazione con la Commissione europea, si terrà l'11 dicembre 2017 a Bruxelles, Belgio.
Post date: 20 Ott 2017
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Il Forum per l'innovazione sostenibile (SIF 2017), organizzato da Climate Action e il programma ambientale delle Nazioni Unite, torna per l'ottavo anno.
Post date: 19 Ott 2017
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Il mercato dell'elettricità rinnovabile ha registrato un'accelerazione senza precedenti negli ultimi anni e ha colpito un altro record di distribuzione annuale nel 2016. Il principale motore del mercato lo scorso anno è stato il fotovoltaico solare, che sta aumentando la crescita delle energie rinnovabili in potenza in tutto il mondo.
Post date: 10 Ott 2017
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Analisi e previsioni a 2O22
Post date: 6 Ott 2017
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How to find new projects and build an investor base as a newly launched crowdfunding platform   Newly launched crowdfunding platforms for renewable energy projects often face the challenge to find projects that are suitable for their platform. A clear identification of the platform’s clients is crucial, be it renewable energy project developers, SMEs or project contractors.  
Post date: 5 Ott 2017
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This document, released by International Solar Energy Society (ISES), includes the proceedings of the 11th ISES EuroSun Conference, which was held on 11-14 October, 2016 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.   Contents include:  
Post date: 30 Ago 2017
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The Horizon 2020 funded project PRODESA (Energy Efficiency Project Development For South Attica) aims to assist seven major municipalities in Athens Metropolitan Area to launch showcase energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, utilising innovative financial tools and attracting private investments.   More specifically the project’s objectives include:  
Post date: 15 Ago 2017
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