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Concept and objectives:   “Development of innovative lightweight and highly insulating energy efficient components and associated enabling materials for cost-effective retrofitting and new construction of curtain wall facades.”  
Post date: 21 Apr 2017
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The “energy eater” European building stock is aiming for a greener future. Researchers are testing an “envelope” system combining active and passive technologies, fitted over the existing façade, to make buildings more efficient. But will it work efficiently under different temperatures, both in northern and southern Europe?  
Post date: 8 Feb 2017
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This report, released by Arup, explores how the application of green infrastructure to the surfaces of buildings can have a positive impact on cities and inhabitants.   Can retrofitting cityscapes with vegetation (particularly in building façades) improve the health and well-being of urban citizens? Can we use green facades to capture renewable energy and drive sustainability? The authors try to provide answers to these complex questions that demand a multi-disciplinary approach to reach a reasonable view.  
Post date: 6 Dic 2016
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This mini conference will take place on 16 November 2016 in Brussels at 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm and will mark the end of the EU-funded MeeFS (Multifunctional Energy Efficient Facade System for Building Retrofitting) project, which was launched in January 2012. MeeFS set out to develop an innovative, energy efficient, multifunctional façade system for retrofitting, geared towards the residential building sector across Europe.  
Post date: 3 Ott 2016
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The European project E2VENT is almost at mid-point. A new, clear and understandable 3 minute video summarizing the project is now available.  
Post date: 7 Set 2016
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ACE, the Architects’ Council of Europe, will proudly present results and progress of three FP7 projects that they are involved in: LEEMA, iNSPiRe and A2PBEER on 16 June from 13:30 onwards in the Maison des Associations Internationales in Brussels.   The conference will present various innovative materials and technologies in thematic sessions on Lighting, Façades and Insulation.  
Post date: 14 Mag 2015
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The MeeFS project aims to develop, evaluate and demonstrate an innovative multifunctional façade system for drastically improving the energy efficiency of retrofitting geared towards the residential building sector across Europe.
Post date: 30 Gen 2014
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This R&D Centre is a showcase of services and solutions offered by the company. It contains a telepresence room and 6 rooms of videoconferences with the latest technology of audio and video to conduct meetings, training, etc., in short to interact effectively with the stakeholders. In the laboratory of the Centre, the technicians develop and investigate the most innovative products to offer the best quality and best service. In addition the building has a BMS of high performance and great energy efficiency that helps save energy and improve the security of the distribution of...
Post date: 5 Giu 2012
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The Test Reference Environment of Lleida (TRE-L) is a full scale test facility and was constructed in Spain in 2008 for the study of thermo-electrical behavior of ventilated Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) components under outside climate conditions. This testing facility has been developed as an outdoor controlled facility for testing building integrated PV ventilated modules under forced regimes. 
Post date: 22 Mar 2012
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