sustainable construction

Post date: 3 Dic 2015
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This guide from the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission addresses public authorities and technologists that participate in tenders, in order to consider the energy efficiency and eco-design from the start of the planning process of the energy renovation of office buildings, proposing where necessary the integration of the life cycle analysis of the materials used for its rehabilitation. 
Post date: 6 Ott 2015
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 This is the final report of the project MountEE – sustainable building in mountain regions, which supported communities in Sweden, the Alps and the Pyrenees, to achieve their objectives in the areas of sustainable building construction and renovation. The report contains the project’s final results, success stories and pilot buildings, as well as the people behind the project. 
Post date: 7 Set 2015
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Post date: 2 Set 2015
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In 2012 the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund launched the publication series “energy innovation austria”. These publications (published four times a year) provide insight into the Austrian energy research and present new concepts and innovative products in the field of forward-looking energy technologies. The articles are based on research projects funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Climate and Energy Fund. 
Post date: 18 Giu 2015
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This publication is a collection of expert essays, compiled by the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF), on the topic of sustainable construction contributed to by industry, policy makers, and specialists from academia. It covers a range of construction-related topics, relevant within the recent Construction 2025 industrial strategy. The collection also highlights particular low-carbon challenges for the built environment across the spectrum of planning, innovation, employment, skills, energy efficiency, and exports of products and services. 
Post date: 16 Apr 2015
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The construction sector is of strategic importance for many countries across the world. It delivers the buildings and infrastructure needed by the rest of the economy and society as well as plays an important role in the delivery of the European Union’s ‘Europe 2020’ goals for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
Post date: 6 Mag 2014
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 LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) is the UK's first affordable, ecological cohousing project with a pioneering methodology:Encourage living as lightly on the earth as possibleAddress the need for affordable housingHave a positive impact on the surrounding community 
Post date: 7 Apr 2014
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In 2010, the Sustainable Construction glossary, produced by the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) and the European Concrete Platform (ECP), was launched.  This was followed by the launch, in 2011, of the multilingual versions of the glossary produced by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). This project is a response to the growing need for more sustainable construction, and the need to provide greater clarity on the new concepts, phrases and terms that are being increasingly used across Europe.
Post date: 5 Mar 2014
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