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The Leonardo Energy initiative unites over 48,000 energy professionals dedicated to electrical power and sustainable energy. It is managed by the European Copper Institute in close cooperation with its partner network.On the site you'll find qualified, cross-disciplinary and neutral information and tools:
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The Transnational Feasibility Study (TFS) explores the technological, financial, environmental and institutional aspects of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RES) based solutions in heating public and in particular, historic buildings. Findings in regards to possible interventions on increasing RES and EE while reducing energy waste are compiled in this main output and linked to the other results of the project.
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  This scheme is now closed.   GIS – Green Investment Scheme, Część 1: Zarządzanie energią w budynkach użyteczności publicznej”  
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Campus 21 focuses on the energy-efficient operation of public buildings and spaces. It brings together the expertise of national research centres from Germany (Telecommunications), Ireland (IT in AEC, Artificial Intelligence), Austria (Building Physics), and Spain (Information Technology).  
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