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The Landscape Report 2012 depicts the Smart Meter development in each country using a common methodology and displays the different speeds in respect of the topic of Smart Meter. These different speeds and approaches in the Member States are represented through the classification in the following categories: dynamic movers, market drivers, ambitious movers, waverers, laggards. Countries such as Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, Spain and Sweden are „dynamic movers".
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Mit der "Intelligente Messgeräte-Einführungsverordnung" vom April 2012 ist der Fahrplan für Smart Metering in Österreich festgelegt. Bis 2015 sollen 15%, bis 2017 17% und bis 2019 95% der Kunden mit Smart Metern ausgestattet sein. Wo steht Österreich damit im Vergleich zu den anderen EU-Staaten? Welche vorbildhaften Projekte und Dienstleistungen gibt es europaweit bereits? Diese Fragen beantwortet der im Rahmen des EU-Projektes Smart Regions von der Österreichischen Energieagentur soeben publizierte European Smart Metering Landscape Report 2012.
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Sabadell is a medium-sized city in the north-east of Spain which signed the Covenant of Mayors in October 2008. One year after joining the Covenant, the city launched a pilot domestic energy-saving campaign, offering householders the opportunity to borrow a smart-metering device for a period of six months. 52 Households volunteered to participate in this pilot project, a number that is expected to increase to over 100.
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Energy efficient investments to help the EU meet its near (2020) and long (2050) term commitments will flow first into replicable public building segments where they will have high impact. Schools are an ideal candidate for the implementation of energy management programs and energy efficiency retrofits. On the leading edge of this trend, VERYSchool will provide a complete set of practical and "how to" knowledge, as well as cutting edge ICT hardware and software technologies to optimise building performance. 
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