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The prefabricated wood structure is insulated with recycled textile and rockwool. The net-zero energy house is equipped with a micro-CHP gas unit together with solar photovoltaics. The very low energy house uses a heat pump coupled with a gas condensing boiler and a solar water heater. Both houses have a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery. The two houses share a common lobby, a patio and a technical room for heating and ventilation systems. 
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The conclusions and recommendations on a given topic are then presented in full in part A of the summary report. These constitute the most important result of the project. Part B gives an overview of all other project material related to the given topic, which allows you to easily identify the information most pertinent to your interest at any time. Part C lists the project partners and sponsors. Within the ASIEPI work on thermal bridges the following aspects have been addressed:
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The housing sector currently accounts for 40% of Europe's energy needs. The lack of energy conservation in this sector is believed to be partly due to energy prices and voluntary regulatory measures. Both European research initiatives support the need for change in energy use and services across consumer and industrial groups, and are headed by Finnish institutes working in collaboration with a number of researchers from Europe and abroad.
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The aim of this event is to inform multipliers and potential applicants about the content and main legal as well as procedural conditions of the above-mentioned calls. There will also be sufficient time to answer any questions and to get in contact with other potential proposers and project partners. For more information please visit the events website.
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It is expected that many countries will between 2015 and 2020 have regulations imposing requirements for new buildings which are near-zero energy targets. This has major consequences:  
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Der neue Bundesweite Heizspiegel zeigt: Im vergangenen Jahr haben die Haushalte in Deutschland durchschnittlich 718 Euro für das Heizen ausgegeben. Das entspricht einer Minderung um 14 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Der Rückgang der Heizkosten hat mehrere Ursachen: So wirken sich die bereits vorgenommene Modernisierungen und das bewusstere Verhalten der Verbraucher ebenso aus wie die 2009 relativ kostengünstigen Energieträger.
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Data origin: Due to internet consultancy for energy efficiency over many years, co2online owns about one million of different building data, being representative for the whole centrally heated building stock in Germany. The data covers about 10 % of the heated floor area of all buildings in Germany and include information on the building, the heating energy consumption and the retrofit status.
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The European Display Campaign is a voluntary scheme designed by energy experts from European towns and cities. When started in 2003 it was initially aimed at encouraging local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings using the same energy label that is used for household appliances. The Display Poster is available in 26 languages.
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