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Software and atlases for evaluating thermal bridges (P 152)
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This new concept will reduce and smartly manage the electrical energy required from the grid favouring the wider use of renewable energy sources in any type of building and district level. It will reduce raw material use for thermal performance and improve the indoor environment, the quality and security of energy supply at building, including Cultural Heritage, and district level.
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The different information packages are: info package for tenants: cost-efficient measures such as simple insulation measures at pipes and behind radiators, correct heating and ventilation, energy saving at lights and household appliances renovation info package: where to start, which technologies to apply, how to find experts. Items range from heating system exchange to use of solar energy, insulation of walls and roof and new windows. info package on renewable energy: for building owners that want to heat with wood, solar or ambient heat
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An important question in general is: How to revalue the information of operational EPBD inspections in order to make it fit for use on tactical and strategical level in real estate management? Energy is not yet an important decision aspect –if yet at all- in real estate management processes. The purpose of the EPI-CREM project is to embed energy themes in the regular real estate management processes. This can be realised by developing an easy to use approach with
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No es necesario desperdiciar energía para climatizar. Artículos con consejos para ahorrar energía en el hogar o en las empresas con la calefacción, el aire acondicionado, el agua, etc. You don`t need to spend too much energy for climatizing. Advices to save energy at home or at enterprises with heating, cooling (air conditioning), water...
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